15 - 17 April, 2019
The Meydan Hotel, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

John Lacey

Founder and Managing Director
Power League Gaming

1:00 PM TRAILBLAZER PANEL: Thinking outside the (X)box: Driving indoor entertainment centre growth in a convenient home entertainment world

In an era where it is possible to have almost any form of entertainment in your living room whether its through home gaming options such as X box live or web streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu, it has left family entertainment centres wondering what this new found convenience means for them?
This strategic panel discussion will demonstrate innovative entertainment concepts that they cannot find at home to engage all ages and drive footfall to indoor entertainment centres

Senior Leadership should therefore acknowledge:

  • Why creating meaningful social interactions are a key ingredient to the success of FEC operations
  • How to create value for customers by offering unique, diverse entertainment options they cannot find at home to encourage return visits
  • How to tap into the non traditional FEC millennial demographic looking for dynamic and socially engaging experiences
  • Learning how to balance active entertainment with the thirst of virtual needs


Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining John.

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